April 2018 JK Auto Moves to New Location

Yep! We’ve moved again and No, it hasn’t been that long since we last moved. Thanks for asking ūüôā

We lost our lease to make room for Trident Medical to build something on that property but we aren’t going far.¬† In fact, we’re just north down 17A. You’ll find us on the right next to Southern Truck.¬† The address is 3200 S. Live Oak Dr. and our mailing address is Moncks Corner, SC 29461


VW Recalling 2004 to 2007 Touareg SUVs with gasoline engines

As a courtesy to our customers, we’re giving a heads up to all VW Touareg owners with 2004 – 2007 gasoline powered SUV’s!

Volkswagen is recalling nearly 74,000 SUVs in the U.S. because a fuel pump flange can develop cracks and leak gasoline.

It’s part of a larger recall announced in July by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration involving flanges made by parts supplier Continental that could affect millions of vehicles. The agency is investigating which vehicles are affected.

VW says the safety agency found consumer complaints about the problem. Aging oxidation can weaken the flanges and cause small cracks. Those can leak fuel and cause fires, although documents don’t mention any.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The recall covers Touareg SUVs with gasoline engines from 2004 to 2007.
  • You must take your vehicle to a authorized VW Dealer who will inspect the flanges and replace them if necessary. Those vehicles without cracks will get a protective cover.¬† Either way, there are no out of pocket costs for you.
  • Owners will be notified starting Nov. 19.
  • Remember too that although you must take your car to the dealer for any recalls, you don’t have to have your vehicle’s regular maintenance service schedule work done at a dealership.¬† We’ve got that covered for you.¬† Call us to schedule those services.

How to Communicate With Your Automotive Service Provider

Not many people would argue that today’s cars, light trucks, and sport-utility vehicles are¬†high-tech marvels with digital dashboards, oxygen sensors,¬†electronic computers, unibody construction, Service deskand more. They run¬†better, longer, and more efficiently than models of years past.

But when it comes to repairs, some things stay the same. whatever type of repair facility you patronize whether it’s a dealership,¬†service station, independent garage, specialty shop, or a¬†national franchise–good communications between you and your automotive service provider is vital to getting the results you want from your auto repair specialist.

The following tips should help you communicate more effectively with your automotive service provider:

Before taking your vehicle in for repairs or¬†service. think about what you need to make the technician working on your car to understand and prepare to report your car’s problems.

Today’s technician must understand thousands of pages of¬†technical text. Fortunately, your well thought out report of what’s bringing you in for today’s auto repair check shouldn’t be that technical but offering a good overview of the problem will certainly help.

  • Get to know your car. Read the owner’s manual to learn about the vehicle’s¬†systems and components.
  • Follow the recommended service schedules. Keep a log of¬†all repairs and service.
  • When you think about it, you know your car better than anyone¬†else. You drive it every day and know how it feels and sounds¬†when everything is right. So don’t ignore its warning signals.
  • Use all of your senses to inspect your car frequently. Check¬†for:
    • Unusual sounds, odors, drips, leaks, smoke, warning¬†lights, gauge readings.
    • Changes in acceleration, engine performance, gas mileage, fluid levels.
    • Worn tires, belts, hoses.
    • Problems in handling, braking, steering, vibrations.
  • Note when the problem occurs. Are you starting the car? ¬†Idling? Turning? Stopping?
  • Is the problem constant or periodic?
  • Does the issue present when the vehicle is cold or after the engine has warmed¬†up?
  • Is the problem present driving at all speeds? Only under acceleration? During braking? When shifting?
  • When did the problem first start?

Professionally run repair establishments have always recognized the importance of communications in automotive repairs.

Once you are at the repair establishment, communicate your findings.

  • Be prepared to describe the symptoms. (In many shops¬†you’ll probably speak with a service writer/service¬†manager rather than with the technician directly.)
  • Carry a written list of the symptoms that you can give to¬†the technician or service manager.
  • Resist the temptation to suggest a specific course of¬†repair. Just as you would with your physician, tell where¬†it hurts and how long it’s been that way, but let the¬†technician diagnose and recommend a remedy.
  • Stay involved… Ask questions.¬†Ask as many questions as you need. Do not be embarrassed¬†to request lay definitions.
  • Don’t rush the service writer or technician to make an¬†on-the-spot diagnosis. Ask to be called and apprised of¬†the problem, course of action, and costs before work¬†begins.
  • Before you leave, be sure you understand all shop policies¬†regarding labor rates, guarantees, and acceptable methods¬†of payment.
  • Leave a telephone number where you can be called.

We hope this list gives you a better understanding of how you can better communicate what your service technician.

Happy Motoring!

Fall Vehicle Maintenance & 6 Common Car Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s officially fall and soon we’ll be enjoying the wonderful fall colors, cooler temps, and lots of football. ¬†Fall is also a great time to think about what needs to be taken care of with regard to your car’s “vehicle maintenance” needs.
Because we understand that you love your vehicle and you rely on it to take you wherever you need to go,¬†¬†we also know that when your car starts to develop a problem, it can be a very stressful time. In order to avoid that, the fall season is an excellent time to give your car a good looking over, do some maintenance on your car, and give it a good check up to make sure you don’t overlook some vehicle maintenance issues that you can’t afford to ignore.

We realize that most people have no idea how to diagnose problems with their automobiles and that sometimes means they either risk driving a car that may not be safe or perhaps feeling like you’re going to be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous or unqualified auto mechanic who can’t diagnose, let alone fix the problem, which just thinking about starts to stress you out!

But don’t give in to either of those thoughts. The following list may help you pinpoint any problems that need to be checked by a professional before you make yourself crazy worrying about it.

  1. Your car isn’t stopping as it should: This can be caused by brake fading. If stopping distance seems to increase, which causes longer braking distances, you may need to have your brakes looked at or replaced.
  2. Car moves right or left when brakes are applied: In this instance, your brakes may be grabbing. This is when the brakes engage suddenly whenever you apply steady pressure to your brake pedal. This can cause serious problems when driving and should never be left to get any worse.
  3. Engine cuts out: This is caused by a temporary complete loss of power. If your engine quits at regular intervals under heavy acceleration, you may want to take it in right away as this could indicate a serious problem, but it can also be minor. A professional will determine the best course of action.
  4. You hear a popcorn sound under the hood: This is caused by mild to severe pings during detonation. If the problem gets worse while accelerating, don’t drive the car until you can bring it in for a checkup.
  5. Puddles of fluid under your vehicle: Dark puddles can either mean oil, axle grease, power steering fluid or transmission oil. If the puddles are yellow, green, pink or orange, you may be leaking coolant. And if the puddle is clear, this could just be normal condensation from your vehicle’s A/C system. If you’re unsure what that substance is under your car, don’t just let it go. It’s better to get it checked out than be sorry later.
  6. Odd smells coming from your car: If you smell a thick, heavy odor accompanied by smoke, you may be burning oil. And if the odor is more like burnt toast, you may have an electrical short. And if the odor is hot and metallic, you may have an antifreeze or coolant disorder. And if the smell is more akin to rotten eggs than anything, that could indicate a problem with your emissions. Any foul odor coming from your car is a bad thing and should be checked out as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, contact us for the help you need.  You can be assured that one of our qualified and experienced auto techs will quickly diagnose and fix fix your problem at a reasonable rate so you can enjoy the fall season and feel safe on the road.

We’re here to help.

Happy Motoring ūüôā

5 Things to Check When Your Car Won’t Start Before Calling an Auto Mechanic

An automobile is an incredibly complicated piece of machinery. Today, there are thousands of models out there and with each one of those models requires¬†different parts and experience to service properly. ¬†Even if you have some car repair experience you can often times find yourself confused when you have a car problem. However, when your car won’t start, check these 5 things before you¬†call the¬†auto mechanic. ¬†These common auto problems may require nothing more than minor maintenance.

Your Alternator

The alternator is what powers your vehicle’s engine. Thus, if the alternator stops working, so does your car. But you should be able to determine when your alternator is going ‘bad’. Look for an alternator bulb that comes on when the engine starts. If that light doesn’t come on, you may need to replace the alternator altogether. Of course, check to make sure the light is working also.

Worn Belts

It may not be your alternator that’s the problem. It may be that the alternator belt has cracks or glazing from repeatedly being heated and cooled. This can cause looseness in the belt, which causes low output on the part of the alternator and that prevents the battery from fully charging.

Battery Connections [Read more…]

How Tires & Brakes Work Together for Your Safety

Let’s talk today about what makes your car or truck come safely to a stop.

Many people don’t realize the relationship between their tires and their brakes and it should be emphasized that no other system in your car is as important for your own, or your family’s safety and protecting your automobile investment.

Keeping your brake system in tip-top shape should be a top priority but it’s just as important to know that your brakes can not function properly, and stop you safely if your tires aren’t in good condition.

Let’s discuss your brakes first…

[Read more…]

Lowcounty VW Club Oktoberfest Car Show


Lowcountry Volkswagen Club and JK Automotive present the 23rd annual Oktoberfest Car show. All water cooled and air cooled welcomed, if it’s a VW or Audi, bring it! Fun filled family event, cars, food, and raffle. All proceeds donated to Pet Helpers of Charleston.

Saturday September 26th, 2015

10am ‚Äď 4pm (Show set up begins at 9:00 a.m.)flyer oKtoberfest (1)
Registration 10am ‚Äď 1pm
Car show 10am – 4pm
Awards 3pm

FREE admission for spectators

Entry Fee: $10 per vehicle

Event Shirts $10

Donations accepted for Pet Helpers

50/50 Raffle Tickets
Door Prizes

Event T-shirts for sale


Food and drinks on site from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Big Changes for JK Automotive in 2015!

we have moved

A new year… a new shop‚Ķ a new location for JK Automotive beginning February 2, 2015!

We won’t be leaving Summerville or moving very far, but we will be packing up our auto repair shop and moving it just down¬†the road to a new, larger, and more convenient location over the next few weeks.JKAuto repair new summerville shop1

Formally the home of Lawhorn’s, and located about a half of a mile away from our current location, the new shop is located at 1626 N. Main Street.  We’ll be near the corner of the new intersection of Brighton Parkway and 17A/ Main Street in Summerville right across from Bi-Lo.

The new expanded shop will enable us to grow! ¬†Of course we‚Äôll continue to provide you, our current valued customers, with the same quality services we’ve been offering you over the past few years, but the size of this shop will provide us the ability to offer you more services and ¬†opportunities for us to attract new customers going forward. We‚Äôll be more visible, easier to see from the road, and be able to continue to grow our business in 2015.

We hope you’re going to like the changes as much as we are and continue to visit us for all your car care needs.

We thank you for your business, strive to work even harder to offer you the best auto repair in Summerville and  look forward to seeing you at the new shop!

James Hutto

Oktoberfest car show at JK Automotive

oktoberfestLowcountry Volkswagen Club and JK Automotive present the 21st annual Oktoberfest Car show. All water cooled and air cooled welcomed, if it’s a VW bring it! Fun filled family event, cars, food, jump castle, and raffle. Vendors WELCOME (no vendor fee). All proceeds donated to Pet Helpers of Charleston.

Saturday September 28th, 2013

9am ‚Äď 2pm (Show set up begins at 8:00 a.m.)
Registration 9am ‚Äď 11am
Car show 9am – 2pm
Participant judging from 12pm to 1pm
Awards 2pm

FREE admission for spectators

Entry Fee: $10 per vehicle

Event Shirts $10

Donations accepted from Wishlist

50/50 Raffle Tickets
Door Prizes & Jump Castle
Event T-shirts for sale

Food and drinks on site from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Come see us at Southern Worthersee 2013

For the second year in a row, JK Automotive will be a sponsor of the 2013 Southern Worthersee.

The Wörthersee, held in Reifnitz, Austria is the largest gathering of VAG enthusiasts in the world. For more than two decades, this charming lakeside village has hosted millions of enthusiasts, who come to appreciate the most innovative and trendsetting VWs and Audis in Europe. Wörthersee, as this event is most commonly known, derives its name from the beautiful lake that dominates this popular vacation area.Southern Worthersee

“Southern Worthersee”, is the biggest Volkswagen VW and Audi car show on the east coast. ¬†Southern Worthersee’s inspiration for the show is to bring together cars and fans of these beloved marques in a truly authentic¬†European¬†atmosphere and ¬†it has been¬†successfully doing that since the first show in 2007.

Located in Helen, GA, the three day car show is May 17th through May 19th.

You can find the schedule for the show below and for more information on where to stay and what to expect, and plenty of photos of previous shows visit the Southern Worthersee website by clicking  here.

If you’re coming out, be sure to stop by our booth and say hi.

James Hutto



Free Admission to all Event Activities !

Friday, May 17th

5:00pm-10:00pm   Main gates open for Pre-Registered vehicles.

5:00pm-7:00pm     APR Fan Appreciation BBQ and EXPO. FREE while supplies last
(at the APR display)

8:00pm-10:00pm   SOWO Shuttle service begins. ($5.00 wristband for entire weekend)

8:00pm-10:00pm¬†¬†¬†FORGE Motorsports¬†‚ÄúLowdown Showdown‚Ä̬†and Blowoff Soundoff at
Bigg Daddy’s American Tavern

10:30pm-8:00am   Main gates closed

Saturday, May 18th

8:00am-10:00 am   Open registration and parking for Edelweiss display areas.
(available on a first come, first served basis, while space lasts)

8:00am-10:00 am   SOWO Shuttle service resumes. The shuttle driver may reserve the
right to consolidate pick ups due to time and traffic.

1:30pm-2:45 pm     Live performance by Detroit Mutant Radio on the Main Stage.

3:00pm-3:30 pm     Announcements and presentation of SOWO Top 50

4:00pm-5:00 pm     Exit property. Clean up begins. Volunteers are welcomed!

7:00pm-12:30 am   Club SOWO. (Last call at 12:15, doors close at 1:00am sharp!) Must
be 18 to enter, 21 to drink. No one under 21 admitted after 10:00pm.

Sunday, May 19th

9:00am-10:00 am    SOWO Top 50 Winners reassemble at Main Event area.

11:00am-12:00 pm   Lunch served sponsored by FORGE Motorsports. (FREE while supplies last)

12:00pm-1:00 pm¬†¬†¬†¬† People‚Äôs Choice balloting and¬†‚ÄúBest Of‚Ä̬†selections.

1:00pm-2:00 pm      Awards and Trophy presentation.

3:00pm-4:00 pm      Exit property, clean up begins. Make your reservations for next year!


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